Verbal Vomit

One more second-offense, double-felony child abuser got off the hook without serving jail time today. It just goes to show that if you have two whole brain cells, then you are smart enough to play the system and get out of just about anything with a slap on the wrist! All you have to do is embrace your white male privilege and avoid breaking probation, then you too can dodge a potential 15 year sentence! It helps if you’re good at pretending to have a conscience, too. All sociopaths are welcome to apply, please inquiry the Dishonorable Judge Kevin Lyons for your application. If you or someone you know was a victim, please take a number and step aside. We have an obligation to uphold the rights of perpetrators while we are busy ignoring yours.  Now, here’s a fucking poem.


I am not flesh.
I am constant waking
between hotel rooms
and this day,
feet haunting floors
that haven’t been walked
for years.
Today I am a muzzle
wrapped lullaby
commemorated by
cold fingertips,
words of forgiveness,
hands that can not,
will not.
Dark places
you were erased from
have summoned you again.
Everything in circles,
everything in you,
layers of memory
and ghosts.

©2015 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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