Code Purple: Day Twenty Three

This dream was new.
It was the nearest I’ve come
to returning to you.

Somehow I knew
that you were here.

The hotel room
was in my name,
and so they gave me a key
at the front desk
so I could get in.

You were not there.
I did not know
that you had ever been.

I just knew.

I found many things
that I did not recognize.
Then, bags full of things
I hadn’t seen for years
that were actually mine.
They were all things
that you had taken from me,
either by force
or by coercion.

It wasn’t until
I thumbed through
a handful of papers
that I keep in my basement
locked away from memory
that I sensed
your intrusion.

I panicked.
I have to get out of this dream.

Suddenly, the city changed.
I was not close to home.

I looked out
onto streets
I have never seen before.

I had to escape unnoticed.

I put my things
back into place with your things,
and I said goodbye to them

I turned out lights,
peered desperately
down the hallway
in both directions,
then triple-checked the locks.

It was time to disappear.

The hallways stretched on
farther than I had remembered,
I panicked at the elevator.
I took the stairs.
I panicked on the streets
as I dodged every streetlight
in my path.

I walked,
but in my heart,
I was running for my life.

I got lost
in an abandoned city,
scraped meals from dumpsters
and squatted in empty buildings,
but I never truly felt safe there again.

©2015 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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2 Responses to Code Purple: Day Twenty Three

  1. BWSBL says:

    Written with beautiful honesty. Another glorious piece of writing.


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