Code Purple: Day Sixteen

I have to write this,
don’t you understand?
I have to remove these words
and stand helpless
In the storm
as you rage
in dark hallways,
streaming skylights
on my face
so empty,
so scared,
so alone.
I have no testament
but a whimper,
a bruise,
a wish
to be understood.
This is all I have left.
Empty words
and a memory
of who I was
before you.

©2015 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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7 Responses to Code Purple: Day Sixteen

  1. BWSBL says:

    This is the one. I can relate to every single word. Thank you for writing for DVAM. xo


    • inpotentia says:

      Thank you for still supporting me after practically two years of radio silence! I didn’t know if I’d ever write again. Then I just decided to do it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • BWSBL says:

        I think of you often. I will never forget reading your story. And whether it was 2 years or 10 years of radio silence, I’d be there rooting you on!! And girl, you still got it. Such an awesome writer. I’m so glad I was online at the right time and saw your post. Everything for a reason.


      • inpotentia says:

        I don’t know what to say except thank you. I am so glad to see you here… I think of you often, too, and it’s wonderful to cross paths again and see where you are, and girl, the world is your oyster! Way to rise up and BE! I can’t wait to hear all about life after this. Don’t ever let anyone break your stride! You are young and all of the opportunities are yours to explore!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. These are so sad and so beautiful. Thank you for posting these.


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