Code Purple: Day Nine

It’s not the bruises
on his neck,
the empty oval
of each print
on the pale
of innocent youth.

It’s not the pulp
around his eyes,
the streaming
crocodile tears filling
the downturned curve
of his bruised lips.

No, it is the menace
behind every dog-eared word
that showed him
just how daddy loves.
It is the hope
shaken from him that falls
in silent pools
at his feet.

It is the losing,
despite his innocence.
It is the sick persistence
of each memory.
It is the anger
that tears from his pores.
It is that I could not save him
from this. Not even once.

©2015 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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5 Responses to Code Purple: Day Nine

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  2. BWSBL says:

    Such sad words. Beautifully written, but still sad.


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