DVAM Code Purple: Another Introduction

A few years back, I vowed to write a poem a day in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month to do my part in raising awareness for the cause while also experiencing the therapeutic effect of digging daily into my own traumatic experience as a survivor.  Since then, so much more had taken place that I almost lost my will to write, my will to feel.  With the strength I have preserved though, I am choosing to speak out again.  I am choosing to reclaim my life and to look again toward the healing power of the written words.  May their strength return to me.  May their strength return to you.

This is the previous description for this writing project:

I had promised the world that, with the reinvested vigor NaPoWriMo brought to my craft, I would dedicate a poem a day during the month of October (the nationally recognized Domestic Violence Awareness Month) in honor of this cause.  I will do my best to advocate, educate, and promote the overall welfare of domestic abuse survivors and the impact domestic abuse has had on their families and communities.

I strongly encourage my readers to share and promote this cause.  Support your local domestic violence shelters through donations, volunteer work, and simply by educating yourself.  Know what resources are available to you and your community so that you can play an important role in the prevention and awareness of domestic violence.
The purple ribbon donned in the month of October is a symbol to recognize, honor, and remember every volunteer, caseworker, counselor, shelter coordinator, etc who is advocating every day for the victims, survivors, and casualties of this worldwide epidemic.  Let us band together with them to end the violence NOW.


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3 Responses to DVAM Code Purple: Another Introduction

  1. Felecia says:

    You are stronger than you realize…show the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BWSBL says:

    So glad you are back!! More glad I came across this. xo


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