Of Broken Air Conditioners and Shattered Lives

A (now) open letter to who the fuck ever.

Dear (who the fuck ever),

Is this as good a time as ever to start complaining about Kevin Lyons? I have a bone to pick with this guy, and I’m hoping you’ll hear me out. (To those unfamiliar with this man, I’m talking about this).

On July 2nd of 2013 my abusive ex- husband turned my world upside down yet again– marking the second time in my son’s very short life that he had been physically battered by his father. The first time it happened my son was only three years old. The ex got off the hook by pleading guilty and settling out of court with a single misdemeanor for child endangerment, which cost him only 12 months of probation and some fines. Two months after his probation was up, it happened again. July 2, 2014 marks the one year anniversary of the second time. My son was heinously beaten and choked, his face was rubbed in his own urine and fecal matter, and he was shamed and humiliated, all by his own “father.”

On Sunday, June 8th, my beloved mother, Evelyn Stephenson, a well respected retired ICC professor, passed away suddenly. On Wednesday June 11st, the case against the ex finally went to sentencing after Kevin Lyons cancelled it on two prior occasions for frivolous personal reasons. Brian _________ was to be sentenced for two felonies– one Class 3 for aggravated battery of a minor, and another Class 3 for a second offense of child endangerment.

Kevin Lyons started the session (after showing up more than an hour late) by bringing up the fact that he had my mother as a science teacher while in high school in Farmington, and that he was aware that she had passed. The defense agreed to move forward regardless of this information. He then heard a few arguments from Brian’s slimy defense attorney Hugh Toner and the prosecuting State’s Attorney Marcia Straub. He shuffled through some papers, half-wittedly commenting on some misguided interpretation of our victim’s statement, then proceeded to lecture Brian for the heinous crime he had committed against his own son. He then decided that an “appropriate” punishment would be to give him six months of probation, then a review, and then MAYBE six months in the county jail.

Does this seem appropriate to you? Kevin Lyons recited my one biggest fear– that the next time this happens, my son will come home to me in a body bag. So why is this man walking free? Why is this man getting a potentially lesser sentence on a second offense? Why do we the victims have to continue to suffer, when he held the fairness of the law in his hands and he chose to disregard it? What are we left with? Why did this sick bastard have his entire family there to support him and I sat helplessly, without my biggest support, my mother, taking yet another beating from a justice system that is supposed to protect innocents such as ourselves?

Kevin Lyons is a dirtbag. Tried and true. Where can I even go from here? Surely there is no appeals process for the victims who have been entirely wronged by a judge’s poor decision. Do we rally the press and the public and hope for something to change? I gave up all hope as I cried to the tune of a madman being given a slap on the wrist for essentially dedicating his life to destroying us. Our lives, our well-being, and justice as we knew it mean nothing in the eyes of a crook such as Kevin Lyons. I’ve spent years fighting for a chance at a regular life for my son and I, and in one moment’s time Kevin Lyons shattered that dream. My mom is dead, our abuser walks free, and we couldn’t even get restitution for the lawyer’s fees I had to shell out in order to fight him in juvenile court. Where does this leave me? Hopeless, jaded, and defeated. Depressed, ruined, and bitter. This is justice in the heart of Kevin Lyons. I am surprised that a man of such character can sleep at night. For fuck’s sake, I hope my mother haunts him relentlessly. I hope he never gets a good night’s rest so long as he lives, because we will not so long as Brian _________ is a free man. I also hope he never again gets the simple privelage of a working air conditioner.


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2 Responses to Of Broken Air Conditioners and Shattered Lives

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    I don’t even know what to say about those monsters. So sorry for all you’re going through right now.


  2. Melanie says:

    “The Court is of the opinion that these repeat events occurred due to the neglect of the department…” the judge wrote.
    Words that will describe Kevin Lyons neglect of justice against Brian the next time he beats someone.
    What is wrong with judges? Why do they give these men no punishments? Is it because their crimes are against women and children and not rich white men? Do they think these guys are going to change their ways? Brian should be in prison getting a taste of his own medicine!
    I am so sorry he failed you and your son. I am so sorry he is walking free while you continue to live in a prison of fear. I am so so sorry.


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