DVAM Code-Purple: Day Thirty One

The Speed of my Fucking Inability

Fuck this…. Scrape it from my blood.
Capillary shrine of cell tissue heart,
beating cinder blocks and tufts of
wrapping paper sawed off from
a tear brewing on the chin
from the paperback sadist fucking regime
of this world, in particles afloat,
a byway to the riverbed where dusk
paints the sunset prettier than I–
eloquence masked together
cutting scenes to sterilize the poor,
removing wings and dedication
from tiny replicas of our lives
in motions and the bruises that remain
on the virgin placid underbelly
in the shape of words saying something like,
“the entire Universe has fucked me”
and, “what lifetime am I suffering for
because it sure as hell isn’t this one.”
But it’s all right here– a hole in my pocket,
revealing my horrifically unshaven pelvis to the world…

©2012 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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Hold Fast.
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