DVAM Code-Purple: Day Nineteen

Do you remember who you were
Before the abuse started?
You will find her again someday.
Your choice to leave,
To seek shelter,
To harbor your children
From his raging waters
Has made you more resilient,
Your inner light shines as a beacon for them
From beneath your seasoned reflection.
Though your hair may be graying,
And your lines hard pressed
Around your forehead,
You now look the part
Of the strongest woman
I have ever known.
You have weathered the storm alone
And are free now,
To dredge the calming sea
For your once shipwrecked soul.
Go forth and embrace life,
Not as it were,
But as an unbreakable,
Unshakable you.

©2012 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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Hold Fast.
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