DVAM Code-Purple: Day Fifteen

This will never return me whole…
Simple nerves can strike dangerous chords,
Singing songs of hollow
Over the world’s lingering hum.
There is no comfort here…
Where I stand as outcast
For living through it,
Yet he carries on unharmed
By the sickness he’s created
From a source so desolate
That not even he may return.
I turn to you for hope…
To never let your loved ones suffer as I did,
To gather an entire family in arms
And as free will offers you its lasting potential,
Go share that abundance
With someone who has been stripped of it by another.
She may never heal.
The ghosts may linger,
The tears may never dry,
And that is the noblest cause
We can aspire to live for.

©2012 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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Hold Fast.
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