DVAM Code-Purple: Day Fourteen

There is a secret lodged
In the back of my throat.
A voice once powerless
Rises up, and if I resist,
My entire body purges.
Catharsis rumbles my belly,
Churning the hollow of my chest
Into a windswept field,
And I shiver from within
As the sun sets darkly in my heart.
So much of this build
Has raised walls of swollen rainclouds,
That it comes down in heavy waves
When I tense up too hard.
Sometimes it’s just crying,
Sometimes I’m reaching out
To those who were there,
And other times, I’m lashing out
Over those who turned away.
Often though,
I am so feeble inside,
So afraid to turn and face it
That I would rather die choking on
The tears I refuse to cry
Than to drown in them for anyone else to see.

©2012 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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Hold Fast.
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