DVAM Code-Purple: Day Six


All This Time…

He woos me
to deep revision,
to this pain I have reckoned
ten ton alleys on
brighter days,
that seemed
more or less me,
the down and out,
than that gloomy day.

Every corner turns
the wrong direction,
with me the maps
tilt sideways and lure dark
strangers’ eyes
into the secretive places,
where direction
seems selfish
and only stands in the way.

I drove all day
going home, or somewhere
we thought we might
wish to be reborn,
but then again I watched
the lights fade
across the foothills as
we ran from the hillside’s
anticipated rain…

Tennessee could be
so charming in ways,
how the humid mist plays tricks
on shady oaks layered with ivy,
the one love I never wished
to leave behind,
was getting smaller
in my rear view mirror
as I gave up on life in certain ways.

Yes that part of me
has died, the Smoky Mountains
many miles behind me,
but the cold lingered
and bared with me
for better or for worse,
while the glisten of
cool evening stars cover me
in the plain old midwest…

He is with me,
down my spine
and sadly,
never leaving
without taking
with him
that one death
which stayed with me…

all this time.

©2012 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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