DVAM Code-Purple: Day Four

Give to me strength,
And I will hold you up
When yours begins to fade.

Know that with every day
I will love you, regardless of your shortcomings.

My innocence will say
That you can do me no harm–
But if you do,
I will be held powerless
Against the weight of my love.

I only know what you teach,
So teach me gentleness.
Teach me fairness.
Teach me the way you wish
Yourself to have been taught.

Do not repeat the mistakes
Of generations now passed.
Build yourself
From the good of the earth,
And I will find peace
In an unsettling world.

Life is bound to be painful,
So please protect me
From what you know will cause me harm.

Your actions and words
Are the very first and last
That I will remember,
So guide me with understanding,
And correct me with patience.

I am you son, and I am your daughter,
And for this, I have no choice…
So please remember
That I was created in your likeness,
And I will forever resemble
The person you chose to be.

©2012 Jessica Stephenson


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