DVAM Code-Purple: Day Three

No woman is born frigid,
But without the promise
Of warmth and goodwill,
Her heart is at risk
Of being extinguished.
Do not fill her
With your own reflection.
But see her as she truly is–
Beautiful, unique,
Independent, and worthy.
Celebrate her fire,
Do not thieve from her
The warmth she embodies.
Her power to soothe,
To comfort, and
To live in strength
Is too often squelched
By a sickness of control,
Jealousy, and propriety.
A woman’s affection
May not be bought,
But it may be embezzled
Through her trust,
So give her your truth instead.
Mother is the name
On the lips of the earth–
Without her,
You would not exist,
And your children
Would not be birthed,
Nor would they then live
to speak of your legacy.

©2012 Jessica Stephenson All Rights Reserved


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